ProFM Online Course ~ CBRE (Materials & Instruction)


Course is scheduled 4 times per year in 3 different regions: Eastern Americas, Western Americas, and the Gulf Coast Countries

Even in a web/online format we will still cover 100% of the material.  These are not abbreviated courses.  Approximately 32 hours of instruction over an 8 week course session.

Our experienced instructors will lead an in-depth and thorough discussion of the subject at hand.  They will describe the breadth and depth of each topic, providing ample time for discussion.



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"Online Only" Benefits
  • These are not abbreviated courses, receive a full 36 hours of instruction
  • Web-based and email guidance from FM industry experts
  • Individual assignments to help build your knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Group assignments to encourage knowledge sharing and interaction
  • Structured schedule to keep you on track, yet at a pace that is reasonable and achievable
  • No travel required – attend from your home or office
  • Time away from your employment and family is minimized
What is included?
  • Online Access to ProFM Materials
  • Online Study Tools
  • Online Final Assessment
  • Plus! Printed copy of reading materials
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18 Two-hour Webinars

Web sessions are organized in two 2-hour webinars each week, for a total of 9 weeks.

Networking and interactive discussion will be encouraged as they are some of the best ways to understand the complexity and nuances of the important topics included in each course.  Web based tools, such as forums, exercises and group work areas are included in this format as well.

Homework & Schedule

Some reading and other structured work will be assigned between webinar sessions to help you develop your knowledge, skills and abilities. Expect to spend 1-2 hours each week on reading and homework.  Personal computer/tablet, etc. and internet required.

Sessions are from 6-8 pm (Eastern or Pacific S/D time) on two evenings per week.  Please consider your time zone differences when registering.