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A guide to installing a new commercial tumble dryer for FMs

Sep 18, 2023 | Public | 0 comments

If you’ve invested in a new commercial tumbler dryer, you’ll want to know that it’s safely installed, set up to run efficiently throughout its service life, and located in a spot that feels convenient for the people who use it daily. So where do you start? From dryer placement to making sure the exhaust system is working properly, our quick guide takes you through the essentials.

Find the best location
Choosing where to install a new commercial tumble dryer is your first and often most important task. Several things should affect your decision-making – including what will guarantee the dryer’s best performance. So, you’ll need space to safely unload and load garments, plus room for laundry carts or baskets. You’ll also need a flat, level surface for dryer to sit on (it shouldn’t be anchored or fixed to the floor). And you’ll need a storage solution nearby.

Make sure there’s power
Depending on whether your machine runs on electricity or gas, you’ll want to ensure there’s a reliable power source available and close enough to be practical. Bear in mind that gas-operated commercial tumble dryers must be carefully installed in line with gas safety regulations, with a manual valve and gas filter included, and all relevant safety testing done before it’s used. For more on gas dryer systems, chat to an expert gas installer.

Safely install your exhaust
To work effectively, your new tumble dryer needs proper ventilation. Humid air generated as your loads are dried should directed outside your property through a well-fitted exhaust pipe. This pipe must be temperature-resistant all the way up to 150°C, positioned away from flammable materials, and have a diameter that falls within the range of 100-300 mm.

Install considerations for steam-operated dryers
As with gas-operated dryers, steam-operated tumble dryers must be installed in line with all relevant standards, by a commercial dryer specialist. You’ll then need to carry out regular pressure checks to keep the appliance running properly – steam should always reach the machine without condensate, and be free of impurities.

Commercial tumble dryer repairs and maintenance
Just like commercial washing machines, when your commercial tumbler dryer is up and running, there’s nothing more important than regular maintenance. By regularly cleaning filters and booking in your bi-annual servicing, you’ll keep your new dryer running at its best, for much longer. Frequent duct system cleaning will also keep the system safe and efficient, while reducing the risk of fire through lint build-up. Find out more about JLA’s dryer duct cleaning services.

Experts in commercial laundry for five decades
JLA has been a leading name in commercial laundry equipment for 50 years – so whether you’re thinking about a gas-operated, electric, or steam-operated tumble dryer, we’ll help you make the right decision for your laundry room. Plus, thanks to our dedicated installation team and a network of 450 engineers across the UK, we’ll be here well beyond your installation.

For more about professional tumble dryer installation, laundry room design and advice on saving energy with our new Energy Smart Hub, get in touch today.

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