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Can Building Automation Systems Assist with Management and Maintenance?

Oct 19, 2023 | Public | 0 comments

BAS manufacturers discuss how these systems can enhance managing and maintenance of critical systems.

Building automation systems (BAS) can help with the management and maintenance of critical systems in healthcare facilities since they automate many processes. In this manufacturer roundtable, Healthcare Facilities Today speaks with BAS manufacturers about how these systems enhance management and maintenance.

In what ways do building automation systems enhance the management and maintenance of critical systems like HVAC, lighting, and security within healthcare facilities? 

“BAS’s provide uninterrupted life cycle support and enhance the management and maintenance of critical systems for healthcare facilities through their advanced control, monitoring and automation capabilities, making it easier to monitor, adapt and respond. By doing so, BAS’s help enable proactive maintenance practices by automating workflows so that the appropriate people receive timely alerts, and the necessary procedures are triggered automatically.”

— Dave Rausch, business development manager, Phoenix Controls 

“Today’s building automation systems provide real time monitoring of the controlled systems that are in use and can pick up on any space or piece of equipment that is outside of normal operational parameters. They send alerts and alarms to notify a building operator of any potential failure, as they utilize the system to identify when there is a likelihood of failure. They are able to track when the building is not running at full efficiency, which saves facilities from a possible product failure and helps save money and time. Johnson Controls products can also give employees remote access to monitor the buildings from afar, so you don’t necessarily have to be in the space to monitor and prevent failure.”

— Robert Harland, global product manager, Johnson Controls 

“Building automation systems with open protocols, tools, open APIs, and development capabilities, can serve as the platform for integrating IT, OT and MT, and having the ability to consolidate data critical systems to provide actionable insights. For facility managers, this provides a holistic view of their systems and helps enable digital services and analytics to ensure that facilities resources are dedicated to areas of greatest impact.”

— Cody Hampshire, head of building automation and smart buildings, Siemens Smart Infrastructure USA 

Jeff Wardon, Jr. Is the assistant editor for the facilities market. 

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