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CMMS Improves Preventive Maintenance

Jun 1, 2023 | Public | 0 comments


Computerized maintenance management systems have become an integral part of several businesses. They are a boon when it comes to scheduling preventive maintenance and monitoring performance. Your equipment needs to be maintained well in order to perform to its best ability and CMMS lends a helping hand in achieving that.

If you are looking to improve preventive maintenance using CMMS, the following tips will surely help you.

8 Tips for Improving Preventive Maintenance Using CMMS

Establish Standards

You must have detailed preventive maintenance procedures and schedules. This helps in establishing standards for measuring procedures. It also helps in improving efficiency. Use standard preventive maintenance lists as a guideline to start. You must develop a preventive maintenance process that is unique to your organization.

Conduct Regular Checks

CMMS ensures that you never miss a single maintenance check on any asset. Even if you miss one check, it may impact the useful life of the asset. In general, a well-maintained asset will last longer compared to the ones that aren’t maintained. Regular preventive checks help in identifying potential problems in any asset even before they arise and escalate into something major.

Well-maintained equipment impacts the financial status of the organization too. If you can add a year to every major asset, due to regular maintenance, it will free up the company’s working capital and improve profits significantly.

Involve All the Stakeholders

Use EAM solutions and CMMS together to make your preventive maintenance program a success. Keep refining the software in order to fit the processes in your business. It is extremely crucial to ensure that you involve your shareholders to make sure that the software meets everyone’s needs.

Evaluate Strengths and Weaknesses

You must evaluate all the strengths and weaknesses of the current preventive maintenance plan. This will help in determining what your company needs right now. Consider various factors like preventive maintenance and work procedures, inventory costs, equipment history, maintenance costs, etc.

Make a Detailed Checklist

Make a detailed preventive maintenance checklist which contains step-by-step instructions that maintenance technicians must follow when they have to complete a preventive maintenance job. A detailed list will also show when and what kind of maintenance work was performed on any given asset, thus allowing the technicians to provide feedback to their supervisor. This feedback also helps in improving future work orders.

Fine-Tune the Maintenance Schedule

CMMS maintenance software has the ability to generate automated reminders and preventive maintenance work orders. Using this, you can fine-tune the current maintenance schedule. Although, it can be a little challenging for the maintenance technicians to balance preventive maintenance work orders if you have a combination of new and old equipment and poorly running equipment as the technicians will primarily focus on fixing the older equipment as compared to the new equipment.

Use the Mobile Options

Several preventive maintenance software solutions include a mobile option that allows you to control various functions via a smartphone or a tablet. You can streamline workflow and get immediate responses to changes in maintenance needs of the assets.

Plan Better

You must plan better to reduce your overtime costs. One of the main benefits of asset management software is to forecast the maintenance events. Thanks to this advantage, the management team gets an opportunity to similarly forecast staffing in accordance with these scheduled maintenance items. Preventive maintenance will limit unanticipated repair work, thus ensuring that technicians don’t have to work overtime for repairing equipment.

Implement mobile CMMS and asset management software in your facility to immediately see several positive changes in your organization.

Lindsey Walker is the marketing manager for NEXGEN, a Sacramento-based industry leader in designing advanced computerized maintenance management systems and asset management software tools for utilities, facilities, public works, manufacturing, and fleet industries.

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