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Ensuring front-line workers are safe and engaged

Jun 22, 2023 | Public | 0 comments


A thriving facility starts with prioritizing staff, cleanliness, and safety. However, overworking employees and relying on them to maintain their own workplace has been shown to lead to negative outcomes such as burnout or safety hazards. Outsourcing properly trained professionals has many benefits, including peace of mind by hiring front-line workers that specialize in cleaning and maintaining facilities. Finding a team who meets your facility’s cleaning standards can be daunting, but with a few simple tips, you can get the right team for your needs. Here are key initiatives to look for when outsourcing cleaning and maintenance professionals for your business.

Safety first

Cleaning and maintenance professions consist of physically demanding tasks that, after years of work, can take a great toll on someone’s body. Along with the labour demands, if maintenance professionals are not trained properly, the misuse of cleaning chemicals and equipment can quickly lead to significant injuries.

Before outsourcing a cleaning team, make sure that the staff members have received prior training on how to use cleaning equipment properly, know which cleaning chemicals can be mixed, and how to maintain different building environments thoroughly, so they can provide the service you need. While the team you hire should come with their own set of skills, take the time to ensure your cleaning expectations are clear and that the building layout is understood. Every facility requires a unique cleaning and maintenance routine and schedule, making the onboarding process for cleaning crews crucial.

Employee engagement

Hiring a team of employees who show consistent engagement displays a strong work ethic and dedication to providing exceptional service. Employee engagement has also been linked to employee retention rates, and in today’s economy, that’s critical. A study found that 63.3 per cent of companies find retaining employees harder than hiring them, so simplify your life with a great team and lower turnover. When employees don’t feel engaged in their job, productivity levels and interest in their work drop, which costs you money.

Particularly in the cleaning industry, the retention rate has significantly decreased in recent years. When outsourcing cleaning and maintenance professionals, look for companies that prioritize employee engagement and invest in keeping long-term team members who can confidently maintain your facility.

Leadership efforts

Employees who take the initiative to continuously learn and possess a growth mindset offer a strong contribution to a business. These employees often strive for leadership roles that further their responsibilities and involvement. Employees are more likely to increase productivity and engagement when leadership opportunities are available to them. In fact, studies show that for every year a company delays leadership development, it costs 7 per cent of its total annual sales. Outsourcing commercial cleaning services that offer continuous training and leadership opportunities to their employees helps guarantee that you are hiring from a company that cares about bettering its team and is committed to forward-thinking and moving ahead.

Guarantee the best for your facility

Finding front-line workers that meet your facility’s cleaning standards and can relieve the stress of maintaining your building may seem overwhelming. However, looking for key attributes such as safety, engagement, and leadership is a good place to start. Prioritize services that provide sustainable and high-quality cleaning services while providing development resources for their team members. When you hire a service that cares about its workers, it reflects positively on their work, and that’s good for your business.

Lisa Cleaver is the director of human resources at GSF USA, a leading provider of cleaning services. For more information, visit or contact Cleaver at [email protected].

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