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Handwashing and commercial cleaning

May 6, 2024 | Public | 0 comments

With all the attention that hygiene and sanitizing have received these last few years, the importance of handwashing has been highlighted as an important way to stop the spread of germs and bacteria. Janitorial staff need to stay vigilant in prioritizing this part of their cleaning practices to improve cleanliness and keep employees and visitors safe.

A recent survey shows that 80 per cent of Americans say they are now more conscious of encountering germs in restrooms, and 95 per cent believe that washing their hands is essential to maintaining overall health. As part of their daily practices, cleaners need to highlight handwashing to help keep facilities germ-free and looking clean.

Stocked supplies

The attention that handwashing has received in recent years means that facility managers and cleaners are being scrutinized, as the most common complaints from public bathroom users include missing supplies like soap and paper towels.

These days, public washrooms must be fully stocked and monitored regularly to ensure that handwashing supplies are always available. Smart buildings can simplify this endeavour by tracking supplies and alerting staff when low levels exist, limiting waste and keeping supplies topped up and available to users.

Touchless tech

86 per cent of people think touchless handwashing is important, with 70 per cent saying they would return to a business with touchless features in their washrooms. These features help cleaners save time and limit the spread of germs by reducing contact in these high-traffic areas.

Handwashing for cleaners

Cleaners need to remember to practice regular handwashing themselves, as they work to provide hygienic workspaces. Washing hands after removing gloves, coming into contact with high-traffic areas, touching food, and handling cleaning chemicals, should top the list of instances when janitorial staff should be washing their hands most.

Handwashing is everyone’s responsibility, but public perception and expectation make it an even greater priority for business owners. Janitorial staff and cleaners need to prioritize handwashing as a way to increase sanitization and keep visitors and staff safe.

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