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How to go green with your landscaping

Dec 7, 2022 | Public | 0 comments


If you want to take a greener approach to your facility’s landscaping, now is a great time to plan ahead, optimize your asset management, and be ready for spring. From adopting a more natural approach to embracing new technology, boost your facility’s sustainability with a new look at landscaping.

Try greenscaping

Start with “greenscaping” by maximizing what nature already does best.

When you’re looking at adding to or relocating your gardens, consider using water-efficient plants, trees, and shrubs to cut down on the amount of water you need.  Adding elements like compost or mulch around your plants and the base of your trees will also help hold water, so you can water less frequently.

Installing things like rain barrels and permeable paving can also help get water where it’s needed without turning on your sprinkler system.

Switch from gas to battery

Traditionally, using gas to power commercial equipment has made it challenging for companies to lower their carbon footprint.

With the emissions from gasoline-fueled equipment and the possibility of spills, thankfully, some greener alternatives are emerging to limit the environmental effects of commercial landscaping.

There are some heavy-duty electric-powered riding mowers on the market now that can get the job done, capable of mowing at a 25-degree slope, at 19,000 feet per minute, so you don’t have to compromise on performance.

There are even options out there that use solar power to recharge the batteries, so you can skip electricity altogether.

Get tech

You’ve likely heard about smart warehouses, but what about smart landscaping? Investing in technology to boost performance and lessen your environmental impact is the way of the future. Gadgets like soil meters, robotic mowers, irrigation sensors (and more) will all up your game in going green.

Getting the data you need to monitor performance and automate your processes will save you time and money as you improve your efficiency.

Not only is switching to greener landscaping better for the environment, it’s also better for your budget. Limited maintenance, no re-fueling, and taking less time to prepare the equipment means that you are saving money for your facility. And, you don’t have to convert everything at once, choose where to invest in alternatives one at a time, so you can spread out the investment and really appreciate the benefits.

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