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Innovations in the washroom

Jun 11, 2024 | Public | 0 comments

Craig Bowman, General Manager (UK and Ireland), Kimberly-Clark Professional on how innovations in the washroom are creating smarter, greener, more hygienic and accessible environments for users

Washrooms are getting more sophisticated. Changing consumer preferences – and an increasing focus on health and wellbeing – mean that smart, innovative, sustainable and accessible washroom environments are in demand.

Facilities managers are benefiting from not only maintaining these spaces; but transforming them into smarter, greener and more hygienic places that enhance user satisfaction and build brand reputation and environmental responsibility. After all, washrooms play a significant role in delivering an excellent overall experience, whether it is in workplaces and or in retail or leisure facilities. For example, if a successful shopping centre can keep visitors on site for longer, and coming back for more, it can boost engagement and revenue.


The integration of technology in washroom management is proving revolutionary. Automated systems are helping to optimise tasks to make sure washrooms are maintained consistently without excessive labour costs. Smart dispensers that control the amount of soap and paper towels being used, not only cut waste but also provide FMs with data that can help them monitor usage patterns and stock levels efficiently.


Advanced sensor technology is also playing a crucial role. These alert maintenance staff to issues such as spills or depleted supplies, helping FM teams to be more responsive and improve overall cleanliness. Meanwhile, the increased use of the Internet of Things (IoT) is helping FMs further by integrating various sensors and dispensers into a central management system, offering real-time insights and analytics that can make it easier to make good decisions.

For example, the Kimberly-Clark Professional rolled hand towel dispenser collection includes visual lighting cues that indicate to FMs when a unit needs refilling, meaning staff don’t need to keep checking the status all the time. High-capacity systems for toilet tissue, hand towels and skincare products reduce the time spent on refilling and servicing too; for instance the Scott rolled hand towel for the ICON system is the longest hand towel roll available at 380 metres of paper towel per roll.


Electronic and touchless dispensing technology is also helping visitors to stay safe and hygienic and move quickly through washrooms. Smart and precise hand towel dispensers recognise partially torn sheets and then serve up a new sheet before any dispenser issues occur. FMs can even set the dispensed sheet length they require, giving more control over consumption levels and waste.

These advances in technology and innovation are all the more welcome given the current staffing challenges being felt across the facilities management sector.

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