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Outdoor lighting tips for winter

Dec 8, 2023 | Public | 0 comments

When the days get shorter and it gets dark earlier, lighting becomes even more important for your facility. Lighting helps to provide safe passage for people getting to their cars, identify possible obstacles or hazards, and add to the aesthetic of your building.

Staying on top of your outdoor lighting needs to be part of your winter facility maintenance plan. Keeping your outdoor lighting in good shape, ensuring everything is working, and upgrading where necessary will help keep your building safe and looking great through the winter months.

Schedule regular inspections of your grounds to check for broken lights or burnt-out bulbs for repair or replacement. As outdoor lights gets hit with the elements, they develop a film that inhibits their performance, so cleaning the lenses is essential in having them shine their brightest. Try and keep lights protected from winter weather with coverings that will keep them working and extend their lifespan.

Trim trees or low branches that may become a hazard to your lighting if weighed down by snow and ice during the winter months.

Ground lights can help illuminate areas where overhead lights are dim or sparse. Install lighting alongside your landscaping to keep paths and walkways lit and help guide guests from the entrance to the parking lot. Stagger them about six to eight feet apart to avoid the “runway look” while providing effecting light.

Considering an upgrade? LED lights are more efficient than traditional lighting, using up to 90 per cent less energy. As well, they produce a higher quality of light, illuminating dark pathways, stairs and ramps, and parking lots effectively. They have a longer lifespan, too, making them a cost-effective choice for outdoor winter lighting.

Using timers or smart controls also helps lengthen the lifespan of your outdoor lighting. Schedule lights to come on during dusk hours, adjusting the brightness through an app, and using motion sensors to help areas stay lit when they need to be while lowering your energy use and cost.

Including outdoor lighting in your winter maintenance plan helps keep your property safe, protects visitors and staff, and adds to your building’s curb appeal. Maintain your lights, protect them where you can, and invest in top tools to get the most for your money to keep your lights shining bright through the winter months.

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