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Tips for keeping your building safe

Nov 21, 2022 | Public | 0 comments


As a maintenance manager, protecting your assets is part of the job and that means keeping your building safe. Making sure your security devices are in working order, your parking lots are well-lit, and your staff feels safe are crucial to managing your building and your business.

But can you do even more to protect your building? There are a few things you might consider if you’re looking at stepping up your security.

Outside your building

You probably have a security system already, but things like motion detection, moving cameras, and patrolling guards provide a higher level of protection than a simple alarm. Think about keeping your landscaping trimmed to limit hiding places and blind spots for your cameras.

If many employees have access to passcodes, consider staff turnover and potential security risks. Switch to a system with personalized access codes that you can easily change or delete if an employee leaves your company.

With all the regular traffic, shipping and receiving areas and loading bays are places intruders may be able to slip in undetected, so consider an intercom or check-in system to track everyone coming and going.

Make sure you are on top of your maintenance, too. Tightening door hinges and cleaning your deadbolts will keep them in good working order and doing their jobs.

Inside your building

You need to monitor the inside of your building, too. Motion sensors and cameras in dark places like stairwells and closets will increase safety and give employees peace of mind.

Along with your physical property, your company’s intellectual property may also be at risk. Keeping your IT systems, network infrastructure, and data safe is important. Ensure that your networks are up to date, backed up externally, and that you’re protected from security breaches, hacks, and malware.

Staff training on safety protocols and access will help everyone stay focused on keeping your building safe. Teaching your team what to look for, possible threats, and how to stay vigilant will have everyone working together to minimize risks.

Managing a building is a big job and security plays an important role in protecting your assets, your business, and your employees.

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