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5 steps to a spring-ready mower

Feb 28, 2024 | Public | 0 comments

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A change in seasons is coming and as spring approaches, it’s the perfect time to get your maintenance equipment ready to use when you need it. Taking steps to maintain your commercial mower helps lower the cost of repair or replacement and lengthen its life expectancy, as well as making it easier to maximize your curb appeal.

There are some simple steps you can take to maintain your mower and keep it in good working order.

Step 1: change the filter

The filter’s job is to pull air from the top of the machine and release it into the bottom, leaving dirt trapped at the top of the filter, which could block that air travelling through over time. Brush the dirt off, clean the filter with soapy water, and allow the filter to dry. The clean filter will need to be re-oiled, so it continues to trap the dirt. When complete, reinstall the filter, making sure that no gaps exist.

Step 2: clean the deck

After a season of use, dirt and grass get stuck to the deck (underside) of the mower, which can lead to reduced efficiency and a rusty deck over time. If you haven’t cleaned this part before, it will take some effort to get it clean, but once this becomes a regular maintenance practice, it will get easier and take less time. Hoist the mower up so the underside is exposed and scrape the deck with a plastic scraper to remove the grass and dirt. This should be done after each use, so the deck stays clean and free of debris.

Step 3: sharpen the blades

If your blades are dull, the mower may be tearing the grass, rather than cutting it, which can result in jagged tips and a dry, brown lawn. To sharpen the blades, hoist the mower up, remove the sparkplug (so it can’t start), and gently remove the blades from the underside of the mower. Sharpen the blades using a file or grindstone. Reinstall the blades, checking to make sure they are balanced. Don’t forget your goggles, gloves, and any other protection to keep you safe.

Step 4: consult your manual

Often, mowers are running at the wrong RPMs, and if you are running yours too low, it will slow down the blades, reducing the cut speed and inhibiting airflow. This will result in a lower-quality cut, so ensuring you’re using it correctly will allow you to get the most out of your mower this spring and summer.

Step 5: check tire pressure

Low tire pressure on your mower can result in an uneven cut, so stay ahead of the game by increasing the pressure and keeping an eye on it throughout the season. Refer to your manual for the recommended psi for your machine to get it right.

Stay one step ahead of spring by getting your commercial lawn mower ready for the season.

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