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ASFP Competence Framework launches

Nov 23, 2023 | Public | 0 comments

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) has launched its Competence Framework, a free library of information, which defines activities specific to passive fire protection (PFP) across the building lifecycle, providing a benchmark for competence for all PFP activities.

The Competence Framework forms the first step on the ASFP’s Competency Pathway, which aims to support the industry in adopting a unified approach to building, evidencing and promoting competence across the PFP sector. Working with other organisations, the ASFP has developed the Framework to specify what competency in PFP looks like. It brings together content developed by the ASFP and industry groups in a free, easy to use website, which is open to all.

The Framework covers activities specific to PFP, in seven areas across the building lifecycle namely: Design & Specify; Procure; Sell & Distribute; Install; Inspect; Maintain; and Own & Occupy. These are then further broken down by complexity, ranging from Foundation through Intermediate, Experienced, and Advanced, to Authoritative. By defining activities, rather than job roles or occupations, the Framework reflects the fact that people working within a range of roles may be involved in PFP activities. Such roles may range from architects, surveyors, installers and inspectors to facilities managers.

For each activity, the Framework outlines the skills, knowledge, experience and behaviours agreed by the industry working groups.  Each activity definition is presented in a consistent format, with expected competencies detailed in the four quadrants of: Culture & Behaviour; Currency of Competence; Core Abilities; and Specific Abilities. To establish competency in the activity, an individual must be able to demonstrate they meet all the statements within all the groups.

The Framework is an evolving database and will have information added to it over time as more guidance is produced. The current site has a particular focus on PFP installation activities, and particularly firestopping. Greater detail is soon expected to follow for areas relating to design and specification, ductwork and dampers installation and sales and distribution.

ASFP Managing Director Mike Ward said: “I am delighted to announce the launch of the ASFP Competence Framework. While still a work in progress, the ASFP’s long term aim is for all professions and trades across the whole building lifecycle to be able to access the Framework to gain a full understanding of what they need to do to achieve competency in passive fire protection and record their achievements.”

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