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College Esports Require a Tech-savvy Hub

Sep 18, 2023 | Public | 0 comments

The ‘digital den’ needed proper lighting and sound-absorbing features. Mason Photography courtesy Svigals + Partners

Colleges are often well-known for their sports teams. From basketball to football, these athletes are given state-of-the-art facilities to practice and train in. However, a new sport growing in popularity on college campuses is esports. Just like athletes in other sports, these club members need the proper space to excel.

At Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut, Svigals + Partners created a contemporary, fun, and interactive new esports venue on the York Hill campus. Located in a former classroom on the Rocky Top Student Center’s second level, the 830-square-foot room was transformed from its rustic ski-lodge aesthetic into a modern, tech-savvy hub equipped with advanced esports equipment and technical support systems for the school’s competitive esports club.

By concealing the existing rustic architecture, the room has been transformed into a “digital den” — named after the university’s bobcat mascot. Throughout the renovation, the use of flexible design elements allows the room to be adapted as the esports team expands and to support academic functions. Readily available mobile white boards and a lectern are positioned around the room to support teaching and coaching, in addition to suspended and wall-mounted monitors.

Squad seating 

One of two zones is dedicated to 24 gaming stations laid out in four rows of six seats, to allow for requisite five-person team gaming, plus a substitute seat. 

Club seating 

The second zone’s den area was designed to accommodate a four-person gaming console and monitor for club members.

Multi-purpose ceiling  

The teal green, three-dimensional faux felt ceiling features faceted blades to add visual interest and provide essential sound absorption qualities. The new ceiling also reduces the room’s sweeping scale for a more intimate atmosphere by obscuring the sloped ceiling plane and overhead mechanical systems. 

The right light 

Dimmable LED linear pendants and wall-mounted fixtures around the room’s perimeter support various light levels, allowing the chamber to be illuminated with a soft glow, enhancing monitor viewing and the gaming experience. 

Complementary aesthetics

Window shades add to the room-darkening attributes. On the walls, Quinnipiac’s blue and grey colors are complimented by the carpet’s circuitry pattern that reflects the color scheme and the room’s high-tech vibe. 

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