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Store your cleaning supplies safely

Sep 29, 2023 | Public | 0 comments

Are you storing your cleaning supplies in the best way? There are many things to consider when evaluating your supply storage, from temperature to ease of access to safety, and more. Often supplies are stored in a closet without much thought to creating protocols to ensure that your staff stays safe, they can use what they need efficiently, and that you get the most out of those products.

Scheduling an annual assessment of your supply storage allows you to stay in-the-know about your inventory, increase efficiency, and manage safety. The consequences of storing your cleaning supplies range from inconvenient to dangerous, so keep the following considerations in mind when evaluating your current storage system:

  • Stay organized with all supplies in one place. That way if there is a situation like a spill, where you need something in a hurry, you know exactly where everything is located.
  • A cart with your most-used supplies can help transport them easily through your building, simplifying, and quickening the cleaning process. If your closet is large enough, tuck the cart into the corner for easy access.
  • Store cleaning chemicals in a cool, dry location, as some can become combustible if they heat up. Also, keep harmful chemicals away from HVAC intakes where the fumes could be sent through the rest of your building.
  • If you have shelving, store heavy bottles at eye lever or lower to lessen the risk of dropping or spilling something when reaching for it on the top shelf.
  • Keep a close eye on your inventory to ensure that you maintain the supplies you need, as well as monitoring the harmful and corrosive chemicals you store on site.
  • OSHA recommends using “signal words” to note levels of danger. Label your shelves or products with “danger” or “toxic” so cleaners using the products are aware of the risks.
  • Ensure that all products are properly labeled so they are not used incorrectly by mistake. This includes containers like spray bottles, supplying a smaller amount of product transferred from a larger container.
  • Discard any chemicals that are old or past their date, making sure to read the labels for recommended safe disposal.

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Safe and responsible cleaning product storage is crucial. Schedule annual assessments to ensure that the protocols you have in place are still being practiced and still make sense for your business to ensure safe use and storage for your cleaners.

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